Giclee' is a french term for "sprayed on".  Giclee refers to prints made with ink "sprayed on" at an incredibly high resolution and accuracy.  Giclee' prints are archival (long lasting) images, and retain their value.  They are collector editions, and many of the premier museums around the world collect giclee' editions of master artists.  


Here are the four sizes of the "Beyond The Ruins- Haiti" series framed in Tribecca by Visual Impact.  You can compare the sizes of the them from the framed 5x14", 8x20", 12x30", and 16x40" from left to right.

I currently work with a company in Danbury, CT: "Visual Impact" who captures my Premier series work with a $40,000 camera set up and handles all of my printing.  After I have my work photographed, the work goes through a process of test prints and color corrections, comparing the giclee' test prints to the original until I am satisfied that we have successfully captured the true likeness of the original.

I offer two different series of prints: "Premier" edition giclees and "Portfolio" series giclees: