Beyond The Ruins- Featured Sale

During the tour of the twelve "Beyond The Ruins" original paintings, there will be a rotation of a"Featured Sale" image each month or so.  Prices for that particular image series will be reduced to the "Event Pricing" rate.  During many of our live events and receptions, ALL of the images will be available at this sale price as an incentive to come out and join us!  Make sure to check out our website for an updated list of upcoming events, and stay tuned to the website to catch each print during its sale.  

The original "Cathedral" painting (32x80") is part of the "Beyond the Ruins" series: painted prayers for the restoration of Haiti.  The promotion and sales of this piece will be used in partnership with TeamOne:27 to "identify, unify, and empower" Kingdom minded leaders in Haiti.  50% of the profits from these print sales will be donated to TeamOne:27.  

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"Giclee" is french for "sprayed on" and is the highest museum quality reproduction format available, employing an incredibly high resolution, archival ink jet process.  I have personally worked with the printer to ensure the color accuracy of the reproductions, and I hand sign and number each print, including a certificate of authenticity.  For more information about the giclee' process and to see the various sizes, visit our website's "Giclee" tab.



  • 5x14" for $25 (Shrink wrapped $32.50/ Framed $75)-open edition- no signature or number.
  • 8x20" for $50 (Shrink wrapped $60/ Framed $150)
  • 12x30" for $100 (Shrink wrapped $120/ Framed $225)
  • 16x40" for $200 (Shrink Wrapped $225/ Framed $400)

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