"The Sower" Giclee' Christmas Sale

This is part of the series "Plower / Sower / Harvesters", a series of three 48" oil paintings that were each painted live at Walnut Hill Community Church.

I have several giclee' images already printed and shrink wrapped that I am selling at a reduced price for the holidays.  Please enjoy the extra-affordable prices while supplies last, and keep in mind that all the other prints are still available at my "for print" costs.  You can purchase them online and ship them or if you are local please contact me at bryn@artbybryn.com to arrange pickup and simply add the discount code "forpickup" to have the shipping fee waived for your entire order!

My "Haiti-Beyond The Ruins" series prints are also in stock and at reduced prices,  and half of the proceeds go directly to orphans in Haiti through my family non-profit TeamOne:27- making them a doubly meaningful Holiday gift.  

7x10" Loose (no shrink wrap) for $20.  Regular price $30.  2 Available

10x15" Shrink Wrapped $50.  Regular price $80.  2 Available.

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